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We have just finished 3 short films that show it’s possible to present corporate messaging in a fun and engaging way. view ‘Traders’, ‘Colleagues’ and ‘Breakup’ on our updated Media page.

Wow! Zing! Kapow!

These are all terms our clients have used to describe how they want their staff to feel when experiencing a W&B production.

Don’t worry,

we speak the lingo.

We add the spit and polish (the bells and whistles if you will) to your corporate communications so that the messaging is heard loud and clear, far and wide, whether it be via an event, a film or even a humble presentation - or perhaps a combination of all three.

Nothing makes us happier to hear that your staff are sharing around the water cooler, not grumbling by the coffee machine.

At W&B we love to present, write, film, polish, perform, produce, embellish, animate, engage, educate and generally add the Wow! Zing! and Kapow! to ensure you reach your audience in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Let’s chat about how we can help.