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Tim Phillips

Creative Director

How did you start out?
I’ve been a film-maker for close to 20 years, starting out on short films, shot on actual film stock, in the age when digital was practically science fiction! I moved through various stages and formats and finally found myself moving into corporate films in the last 10 years. I have spent a lot of time working for large corporations in communications, lucky enough to be able to mix this with the film production side. This has given me tremendous insight into what does and doesn’t work when it comes to engaging audiences.

Its quite unusual to have this level of experience in the film side as well as the corporate communications side, isn’t it?
Absolutely. It gives W&B an edge. Although we would never presume to tell a comms department what they should be doing - they are experts after all - we don’t waste precious time trying to understand the environment, we just get it, which means we can slot into place right away.

Thats kind of a strange move isn’t it? From drama to corporates?
Actually it makes a lot of sense! Telling a story clearly and effectively no matter how complex, that’s a central tenet of well made film. Getting through to a corporate audience is no different.

Why create Whistle&Bell?
We started W&B simply because we could see a need for companies to give their staff truly outstanding events and presentations, to elevate them away from the mundane into an art form, something that no-one else was doing. That was our basis, and the rest grew from there.

So… whats your favourite film?
(Laughs) It changes from one day to the next. Generally whatever is well made and speaks to me, touches me in some way - stays with me. Actually this is what we strive to achieve at W&B, to make films that engage and stay with our audience.